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Hidden, Subtle and Obvious
Aspects of
Intimate and Other Partner
Violence and Abuse
written by
Dr. Angela Browne-Miller
approx. 300 pages
10+ illustrations and diagrams
ISBN: 978-1-937951-17-7
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What's love got to do with it? 

How do some partners, spouses, even causal dates, find themselves abusing each other? 

Right before our eyes, abuse is taking place.

Some of this abuse is quite obvious. Much is quite subtle, even hidden---hidden either unwittingly or yes, sometimes hidden purposefully. 

Violence takes many forms, ranging from non-physical emotional, verbal, social, economic, and other perhaps harder to identify forms, to physical, ranging from threatened abuse to actual abuse---which can range widely from pushing to hitting to striking in other ways, to causing no or mild injury to moderate or great injury, even disability and death. All involved are affected in both the short and the long term, including the persons being abused, the persons doing the abusing, the witnesses, children and other family members, neighbors, employers, co-workers, communities.

For Knowing No Hurt No Harm
goes where other books on intimate and other partner violence don't go, offering:

* Help understanding what is healthy and what is not healthy in relationships;
* A real in-depth look at what "power and control" factors in relationships truly are;
* A study of consent and intent where love, attraction, and sometimes commitment, are involved;
* A detailed look at how "power and control" behaviors really play out in relationships -- really play out;
* What everyone needs to know about the intricacies of interactions;
* A look at how knowing about subtle levels of interactions can help in life, in love, in safety, in health;
* Aspects of interactions not elsewhere discussed such as how "power and control" actually play into various forms of abuse;
* An in-depth look at economic abuse in daily life, in professional life, in divorce settlement processes, etc;
* A daring look at the most subtle aspects of emotional and other sometimes not seen, sometimes not admitted to, forms of abuse, violence, and terror;
* and so much more.